Sample Web App

Here are some web applications and sample pages created using the code and methods described in this blog.

You can try it out on our sample site for free.

Please give it a try.

Quiz application linking Laravel, Vue.js, and ChatGPT [Quiz Creation with AI].

technology used Laravel(Inertia package)、Vue.js、ChatGPT
  • AI quiz creation
  • Play with the quizzes
  • Ranking by speed and percentage of correct answers

I am modifying a quiz app I created previously, created using Laravel, Vue.js and ChatGPT in conjunction. You enter keywords and the AI (ChatGPT) will create a quiz for you. When you answer the quiz, a ranking is displayed based on the percentage of correct answers and speed. You can also try quizzes created by others.

You can enjoy both English and Japanese version. Please play with it.

Salary Predictor with Machine Learning Model

使用技術   scikit-learn, Python, Flask
  • Predict salary based data such as age, job and so on.

Predict monthly salary based on age, job type, position, company size, and education level. I created a salary prediction model using data from the government’s comprehensive statistics portal & integrated this into a web application.

Initially, it was hosted on Streamlit Cloud. While it was free, it was inconvenient as it would become inactive if there were no users. Therefore, I have now moved it to Xserver.”

It was my first time setting up a Python web application on Xserver, so it was a bit of a struggle.

To help others avoid the same difficulties, I have compiled a guide on how to deploy a Python web application to Xserver in the article below.

The reference Code is available on GitHub.

Menu devising web application linked with ChatGPT [Today’s Menu].

Technology Laravel、ChatGPT、Pexels(API integration)
  • Create menus based on input ingredients
  • Image display function according to the menu
  • You can enjoy both English and Japanese version.

This is a web application that integrates ChatGPT and Laravel. When you put in ingredients, ChatGPT will create a menu for you. In addition, Pexels displays images that match the menu. For details on how to work with ChatGPT and how to code, please see below.